What are the advantages of cloud backup?

For you, what is the best way to back up your company's important files, those that you cannot lose under any circumstances? Maybe you've thought about high-capacity storage, or servers dedicated just to storing files. If this is your case, you need a room with refrigeration and qualified professionals.

We cannot disregard these techniques. They have their value. So much so that there are many companies that store data using these methods and have no problems with it. But the problem is that, as your organization grows, more data will be produced. Therefore, you will need even more space to allocate information.

But this way of working is no longer mandatory. Today there is an excellent solution when it comes to protecting data: the cloud backup. What this article wants to show are the advantages of opting for this method. Check out!

cloud computing

The term cloud is conventionally used in Information Technology to designate internet-based services.

It is true that there are still companies that, because they believe that this is enough, prefer traditional software and other computing resources installed locally. But it is a fact that cloud computing has long ceased to be a trend. It's a reality and it's getting more and more progressive.

As for file storage, the cloud fulfills its functions well. And, to make life easier for those who need to store a large number of confidential files, there are several competent services, capable of meeting the demands of startups, small, medium or large companies.

These services can be paid or free. Of course, those that are free are somewhat limited in terms of storage capacity. As an example, let's mention Google Drive, a storage service from the search giant.

Anyone who has a Google account has Google Drive at their fingertips, which in addition to space, offers tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other types of files. It is completely free in the personal account format. But, for those who need more or a business account, there is Google One. This tool offers paid plans whose capacities vary between 100 GB and 30 TB.

There are those who don't trust storing data on servers on the internet for fear of having confidential information exposed. This is mistaken thinking. Cloud storage services contain features that keep files protected, such as secure connections (SSL), encryption and anti-spyware.

Advantages of cloud backup

Using cloud backup brings benefits to the business owner. And these are the advantages that you will discover now.

Cost reduction

This is a benefit that deserves to be highlighted. With online backup, there is no need for physical spaces reserved for disks and other physical storage methods and personnel to manage them, which requires costs. This way, it is possible to redirect the team’s efforts to other important activities.

Cloud backup is scalable, which means that your space can be expanded or reduced at any time, according to your business needs, with just one request to the provider.


As the files are stored on the internet, it is possible to access the documents at any time and anywhere, simply by authenticating using a username and password. Although there are physical methods, such as NAS storage, that make copied files available at any time on the company's network, this is only possible when inside the company.


Backup is protection against human or equipment failure. If all your important data is on a single disk and it is accidentally damaged due to a power grid problem, it may be difficult (impossible, perhaps) to recover your files. Unfortunately, theft can also happen at the company. Cloud backups are immune to this type of problem.


If your organization operates in branches, physical backup is already a disadvantage due to the need for a file server at each location. With cloud systems, you are free from this problem. The strength of the internet-based method is centralization. Just hire a single space and it will be available to all employees, always.

Automation and saving time

Cloud services have tools that allow backup automation. Backup copies, according to your needs and preferences, can be made automatically at pre-determined times, without having to interrupt or delay work. Your team saves time.

Easy implementation

Installing an infrastructure for data storage is neither cheap nor fast. Now, if you choose the cloud, there's no secret. Just choose your provider, make some simple settings, which may vary from one to another, but are generally the same, and start uploading.


Any machine, to continue performing its functions well, requires maintenance with some frequency. Without file servers, you save yourself this work. If any intervention is necessary on a cloud server, your work does not need to be interrupted, because the space provider has the obligation to ensure that users have their data always available.


Relying on support and consultancy from a company specialized in IT management at any time is important to assist with backup-related services. It is essential that the provider and consumer have a good relationship to resolve doubts and offer training to employees.

A word of caution: it is essential that your backups are always up to date. Since it is impossible to predict all situations that require file copies, it is recommended to establish a frequency that minimizes the chance of losing information. The shorter the interval between runs, the better.

Again, who can help with this is the IT consultancy you hire. Want a tip? Leave everything to us. Discover now the our solutions in IT management! We have the expertise you and your business need to process your data safely and efficiently.


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