In 2017 our client was the victim of a cyber attack

Our Client is a global food manufacturer based in the United States, with a global presence. It is one of the largest private corporations in the world.

The company owns some of the most popular brands in the world, and one of the best known in the food and pet industry.

It has 130,000 employees, and its IT team operates globally following the concept follow the sun.

In 2017, our client was the victim of a cyberattack (Cyberattack) that began in Europe and spread across the world, damaging several companies, causing a major impact on their IT environment, consequently for their customers who were unable to receive products for a period.

Integrity as a business partner since 2014 was called upon to support the reconstruction of the IT environment. Since then, the topic “Security in the IT environment” has taken on even greater relevance in the company and among the initiatives adopted to mitigate possible vulnerabilities in the IT environment, an Information Security program was created, supported, promoted and supported by senior management. of the company with clear objectives: make the technological environment safer and reduce and/or eliminate risks of cyber attacks.

Among the initiatives maintained by the program is PAM (Project Access Management)

Admittedly, the incorrect or improper use of privileged credentials to access technological environments is among the most frequent causes of cyber attacks in the corporate world.

OUR CLIENT, investing heavily in the security and protection of its corporate environment, recognized Integrity-UX as a competent partner to work in:

Main challenges

  • Inconsistent or non-existent data sources for mapping;
  • Resistance to changes in the way work is carried out (organizational culture);
  • Very dynamic baseline depending on the size of the company: thousands of accounts, thousands of servers, thousands of people, hundreds of applications involved;
  • Large volume of data and information from various sources.

Integrity-UX, with the full support of our client, assumed this enormous responsibility and successfully led the project, in two phases (User accounts and System/Application accounts) from planning to execution and delivery according to the agreed terms and hired.

Integrity-UX, with skill, experience and technical knowledge, further strengthened the partnership with the client, provided bilingual service and supported the client with global coverage, punctually complying with all requirements and agreed deliveries, for all this complexity and dimension this was certainly and one of our greatest success and satisfaction stories


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